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Expert Opinion

Parent engagement is one of the most effective ways of improving test scores, boosting character development and confidence, and helping children become more powerful learners. The more parents and children have good conversations about their school day, the better pupils achieve. MarvellousMe is the ideal tool to make these family conversations happen.

Bill Lucas, Professor of Learning at the University of Winchester and co-author of ‘Educating Ruby.’

Reviews and Comments

This is home-to-school communication at its best. MarvellousMe is a fantastic, school-wide solution that enables us to share positive feedback with our parents, so that they can be fully engaged in their children’s learning. Mrs. Kemp-Hall, Principal
I love MarvellousMe. It’s so quick and easy. I use it with my class to reinforce their learning and to praise those who have done well. Children are really motivated by knowing that their parents are instantly told the good news. Mrs. Spencer, Teacher
Teachers love MarvellousMe. Kids love MarvellousMe. Parents love MarvellousMe. Mrs. Sharratt, Parent Support Advisor
Parents love MarvellousMe. It enables them to easily talk with their children about the school day. Parents sometimes feel they only hear bad news. MarvellousMe enables them to hear the good news too. Mrs. White, SENCO
I overheard a lovely conversation as a parent picked up their child and commented: 'You've been working hard in maths today, what did you do? Mrs. Cooper, Deputy
An amazing app! Finally I can see what my son has been doing at school. Asking him is like getting blood from a stone. A fantastic idea and I would love to see it rolled out in all schools. Well Done! Parent
It’s amazing that you can see what I’m doing in school. Year 6 pupil to her mother

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