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Solo Teachers

To get the MarvellousMe teacher app, sign up below. It’s free for you to use on your own and you can use it on your tablet and desktop, and children will love using it with you on the interactive whiteboard. Get help and tips in our Help Centre.

If your school is using the MarvellousMe School Pack, there is no need to sign up. Just log in with the details given to you by your school.

  • Single teacher license
  • Self-service
  • Free
  • To sign up and use MarvellousMe on your desktop computer, please use Chrome as your internet browser.
Are you a team player? Have you seen the MarvellousMe School Pack? If you want your setup and upkeep always done for you, easy class sharing and collaboration, and many other benefits, please tell your head teacher or leadership team about the MarvellousMe School Pack.