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We are educators and parents

Our mission is to help teachers and parents to work closer together to improve children’s learning and character development. We believe this starts with better family conversations about school.

It's a fact that the more engaged parents are with teachers, the more their children’s education, behaviour, confidence and wellbeing improve. Knowing what they do daily and what parents can do to help them at home is more than important, it’s necessary.

Yet any parent of a young child knows how difficult it is to get a straightforward answers to the questions:

Every teacher knows how difficult it is to set up an efficient system for speaking and reporting to each parent on a daily basis. Pieces of paper in bags, reading and homework books, unexplained stickers, parent evenings and school websites just don’t cut it. So we built MarvellousMe, to supercharge family conversations about school. It’s for every primary school teacher and parent in the world. To give children the best start in life.